6 Types of House Rendering in Shrewsbury

While considering house rendering in Shrewsbury and Wolverhampton, you need to understand about various types of plastering. Rendering always maintains the safety of your house along with the waterproof, weatherproof, and noise insulation qualities.

Take a look at various types of rendering done by the team of Rendcem (UK) Limited to protect the colour of your house.

  1. Lime Render

Our team suggests rendering your house with NHL proved natural hydraulic lime render. This kind of rendering is breathable for your house. Moreover, people use it because lime rendering is inexpensive and long-lasting. So, you should try to render your home before painting the internal and external walls.

  1. Monocouche Render

It is a French term where ‘Mono’ means singular and ‘couche’ means layer. The single layer is often needed if your house is new and you want to protect it from dust, water, and other nuisances. This render also works as a decoration in your house. It is a modern rendering that is available in various shades. 

  1. Polymer Render

You will find white cement render that is made of silicone water repellent. This is also a brick effect rendering in Shrewsbury. It is one of the best renderings of wooden and brick homes. Also, it has the quality to protect your house from bad weather and water. 

  1. Insulated Render

If you are thinking of rendering the external walls of your home, you can use EWI insulated render. This will increase the durability of the paint and the cavity wall insulation can also be protected with the help of the insulator present in the paint. If you want to make your house soundproof and weatherproof, insulator render is one of the best options you were finding for many years.

  1. Cement Render

If you are finding durability and the strength, cement render is one of the best rendering options. It is quite a common render that helps in sealing the cracks that peel out from the walls of your home. Our team uses Portland cement to render the walls of your building. It is an easy, quick, and cost-effective option.

  1. Acrylic Render

The finishing coat of this render makes it different than others because of the density and the texture it has. It is quite expensive, but it’s often used when your house is not maintained for several years and the time of repairing has come. 

Pinch your pocket but don’t compromise the safety, beauty, and maintenance of your house in terms of money. Acrylic render is totally different from other renders in your house. So, our experts suggest you rendering your old house with an acrylic render.

The aforesaid rendering styles can beautify your house in every aspect. Also, all these renderings in Shrewsbury are assured with quality by the team of Rendcem (UK) Limited.

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